Planning Your Trip & Expectations:


• Remember, this is only a weekend trip. Try to pack lightly. There are two primary advantages to only packing carry-on:

   - First: You’ll spend less time in the airport, waiting for your luggage to be unloaded.

   - Second: On the way home, you will be required to check any wine you’ve purchased. Checking  
      more than one item may significantly increase your airline imposed fees.


• Due to the climate in Northern California, I suggest you pack items you can layer. I’ve found that typical days start foggy and cool in the morning, and by afternoon, the fog has burned off, with temperatures rising accordingly. I generally pack long-sleeve t-shirts for the mornings, with a short sleeve t underneath. If you think you are going to want to be outside during the evenings, a sweater or sweatshirt and a jacket are good choices, as it can be quite cool (even cold) at night. Shorts are good most days, but I bring along a pair of jeans, or casual pants (usually the ones I wear on the plane), just in case. Also, there will be quite a bit of walking, and an up-hill climb, so comfort is key for both your clothes and shoes. I pack a pair of hiking sandals, but a good pair of light weight walking or hiking shoes will do just fine.


• During the tasting tours, try to tone down any scents (perfume, cologne, body wash, hair spray, etc…) you normally wear. Approximately 75% percent of wine tasting is done through the nose, as smell makes up that percentage of your taste perception. If you, or those around you, are wearing an overpowering scent, your tasting experience will be inhibited. I generally try to wear only unscented deodorant during the day while on tours, and save the cologne for the evenings.


• Although you are under no obligation to purchase wine, you are receiving exclusive treatment at each tasting. If you enjoy the experience, and like the wine, the best way to show your appreciation to the winery is to buy their product.


• You will be drinking alcohol. These trips are for people 21 years of age, or older. If you cannot prove you are 21 by the departure date, do not attempt to book a trip. Any deposits/payments will not be refunded due to age discrepancies.


• Although a driver is provided for your safety during the tasting tours, you will have your evenings open. Remember to use common sense if you choose to drive during your free time. You will have been tasting/drinking alcoholic wine for several hours. Napa Pat Tours cannot be held responsible for the results if you have a lapse in judgment




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